Thursday, July 8, 2010

Otherworld Miniatures: Gygax's (Orange) Goblins:

As many of you know, I've been busy painting my Otherworld Goblins. In this endeavour I've tried to stay as close to the source material as possible. Regarding goblins, the AD&D Monster Manual states:

Goblins range from yellow through dull orange to brick red in skin color. Their eyes are reddish to lemon yellow. They dress in dark leather gear, and their garments tend towards dull, soiled-looking colors (brown drab, dirty gray, stained maroon).”

This was a tough decision as I've always considered goblins green in skin colour. I've bought most of the Otherworld humanoids and I want to make sure that each looks unique on the table (Hirst Arts prototypes forthcoming). Gygax noted that as the PCs make their way through levels they should face a corresponding monsterous humanoid: Kobold, Goblin, Orc, Hobgoblin, Gnoll, Bugbear, Ogre, Troll and so on. So they need to be individualized. This is easily done if one does a close reading of the MM.

So here are the final images of my goblins. I hope you like them. I will have pictures of my Shriekers and Violet Fungi up in a day or two, followed by some additional Gencon information.

You can click twice on the images for close-ups. Cheers.


  1. Very nice. Making the goblins orange somehow makes them appear more intelligent. I wonder why goblins ended up being portrayed as green when the AD&D 1e Monster Manual clearly stated that they weren't. Much better this way.

  2. 1) These look great.
    2) I think the whole "green goblin" trend is largely the fault of Games Workshop, which always had awesome paint jobs to show off in White Dwarf.
    3) The bases look very good too. I wish i'd had the foresight to make give more of my minis consistent basing.
    4) Great photography too. Did you build yourself a light box? I've been meaning to try that.

  3. In terms of green goblins, I will paint some green goblins at some point. But I really wanted something reflective of the module covers I've posted previously.

    It's interesting that (IMO) these goblins are too equipped and OW kobolds have just a utility belt. IMO they should both have rags and bits of armour.

    Yes, I made a lightbox. Get a 20x30 piece of foamcore from a craft store and a few sheets of vellum paper. Make two side panels with large aquares cut out and put the sheets in those "windows". Attach both side to a solid back. It helps if you install a magnet at the top back to hold up whatever paper you are using as a backdrop. Create a third window to lay over top of the lightbox. It's also best if you shoot at night and have a macro setting on your camera. That's the gist.

  4. I like 'em. I think I'm gonna try to make some orange goblins myself, only even oranger. :)

  5. The reason that Gobins tend to be portrayed as green is due to Games Workshop's pernicious influence. They first started painting/illustrating their Warhammer goblins green and sady, such is the spread and marketing of their overpriced products that green is now derigour for Goblins :(