Friday, December 21, 2012

Barrowmaze Christmas Sale

I'm running a sale on all the Barrowmaze stuff to celebrate the holidays. It's up now and will run through Boxing Day. Pass the word!

New Barrowmaze session report coming up too. We will hit our 50th session next week!


  1. Hi. I know you are a busy man, but maybe you could tell me if I buy hard copies of Barrowmaze 1 and 11, do I get the maps and illustrations in the books, or do I need to buy them as PDF's, which I would rather not (being an old fashioned luddite). Also, I live in the UK, but I guess RPGNow posts from a UK address as well so I avoid import tax? Just getting back into "the game" after 30 years or more and excited to see new stuff coming out
    thanks for your help

    1. Hey Mike,

      Both Barrowmaze books/PDFs do have the maps provided. They don't have the extra illustrations that are specifically for player hand outs, but the books do have their own awesome illustrations. They are just not tied to specific rooms. Think "Tomb of Horrors" and the images that go along with keyed areas. That's what the illustrations books are all about.

      It's possible to play without the illustration books, but omg why would you? ;]

      In regards to the map, if you're like me and want a physical book, grab the book/PDF combo. The Barrowmaze is quite large, so it's broken up into several pages. Just print them out and tape them together.

      Of course the large map is cool, but if throwing down the extra money for buying the map was stopping you, you can grab the books now while they are on sale and have everything you need to play. =]

    2. Brilliant, Burnedfx, thanks for the information, I am on the case now.
      all the best

  2. I still have dead tree from the campaign, if you want to buy direct from me.

    Sorry I missed your post :)

  3. Hi - late to the party as usual and missed the Christmas sale. Are hard copies of I still available? rpgnow seems only to have pdfs.

    Thanks very much

    PS apologies for "anonymous" post, but I don't have any of the profiles required to post with a name etc

  4. I'm gutted that I missed the sale.

    I'll keep my eye on your blog around Christmas next year incase there is another one.

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