Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Red Box Niagara Poster

I've been reading lately about the Red Box Calgary crew, and the other Red Box games in Vancouver and New York. They certainly look like fun.

I decided to post a flyer at Phoenix Rising, the FLGS in St. Catharines, ON.

I have to be honest, I'm not sure exactly what will come of it. I'm hoping for the best, but won't be surprized if nothing develops.

So, I tried to make a poster that grabbed some attention, dripped Old School, and had a sense of humour.

I'll keep my fingers crossed that it drums up some interest. You have to start somewhere, you know?

Poster V2


  1. Awesome! When I was looking for players for our Ancient Academy game I used this photo.

    Make sure you post it on Facebook and consider Kijiji as well. A local hobby store (Cambridge) is advertising for a 4e game this weekend on there.

  2. I like it, constructive crit.

    Image bigger, images are what make people pay closer attention, walking by that image seems too small/busy to really stand out. It's great image, just bigger.

    Keep cool font for title and sub title. Use something more readable for the stuff below img, esp contact and tear offs.

    "Classic" has less baggage and more positive connotations for newbs than Old School. IMHO

    Get a meetup.com, yahoo group, something that you can use to go into more detail, announce upcoming games, that people can read about and look at pictures of other people like themselves having fun playing games, etc.

  3. Nice poster. I second making the image bigger. This whole "Red Box" thing is practically becoming a movement!

  4. This and your Borderlands character sheet are things of beauty... I have to bribe the designer types at Red Box Vancouver to whip up something similar for the West Coast.

    Canada sure is representing the Red Box, eh?

    Let us know if you set up a campaign wiki/forum/whatever and I'll link to you. And have a great time!

  5. Thank you all for the constructive criticism.

    Yes the pictures is awesome, but the Blackletter font leaves larger gaps than normal and this made spacing on the poster difficult. I hadn't thought of "Classic" but that's a good idea too.

    Again, very much appreciated.

    I can't stand facecrap, but it does make sense. I'll git'r done. :)

  6. Wow, I like that a lot! I think I would have to make the call if I read that

  7. @hexarchy: "This whole "Red Box" thing is practically becoming a movement!"

    Yes, but one that curiously thrives only in the northern latitudes! What's up with that, Red Box-less Atlanta, Los Angeles, Acapulco, and Sao Paolo?

    Best wishes for the baby of the family, and we'll have to schedule some internecine naval battles on the Great Lakes this summer!
    - Tavis