Saturday, June 29, 2013

Interesting Review

Here's an interesting take on 5th edition:

I like the D&D Mine trope, it's certainly better than D&D Next.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Off to NTRPGcon

I'm headed out tomorrow morning for NTRPGcon in the DFW.

I'm running a scheduled Barrowmaze game on Friday morning, with the possibility of a pickup game Saturday subject to interest.

All the games I wanted to play were closed hours after registration (which was at 1am est, I believe), so I plan on surfing games with a notion to observe DMing styles. I'm very interested in watching the TSR guys do their thing :)

As you might know, Barrowmaze is a finalist for the 2013 Three Castles award which will be announced on Saturday (from what I'm told). Interestingly, BM is the only adventure/scenario. All the others are RPG systems. That's a wee bit intimidating lol.

I think, in the final tally, the most important thing is to ask questions like: Does Barrowmaze inspire people to play? Do folks find it compelling? Is it fun? Is it challenging? Does it make you think creatively, tactically, logistically? Does it celebrate the early game and its founders? Does it kill your PCs quickly and painfully? Hopefully BM does some of these things :)

I'll be sure to make a post-con report with pics.