Monday, June 14, 2010

More Orange Goblins

Just a quick post today.

I'm busy painting my orange-skinned Otherworld goblins and thought I'd pull this picture, mentioned in the comments, that I have in my collection but had forgotten.

I appreciate both the early art of D&D but also the more "realistic" exactness of Keith Parkinson. I played all the Dragonlance modules as they came out and have fond memories of Parkinson's covers on those adventures.

I'm in the process of building a DIY light-box to take pictures of some of the miniatures I've painted so far. I just need to find some cheap clamp lights...


  1. Pretty sure those are bugbears, but I could be wrong.

  2. I was never a big fan of the later, heroic art.

    You'll have to take a picture of your light box once you're done, it may inspire me to build my own!

  3. Realistic?! Anyone who has ever read a SpiderMan comic knows that goblins are actually green! Down with the orange pretenders!

  4. If you've got any of those flex-neck desk lamps around the house, they work great when setting up a lightbox. I used to have one, and if I am remembering correctly, I used 75 watt "daylight" style bulbs. The tricky one was getting a light on the top. I usually had my roommate hold it for the few pictures I needed to take. After a quick look, you can pick up a decent clamp on work lamp from Home Depot for under $10. Is one quick find.

  5. There isn't much love for heroic art in the OSR it seems. To my mind I don't really buy the distinction between the cartoony stuff and the more heroic art. It's all part of D&D's history as such is all good. I don't get bent out of shape. Some of the Dragonlance covers were awesome though. Very inspiring vis a vis game play. They also carried forward the tradition from earlier D&D of representing a scene from the game on the front cover - a must for any self-respecting D&D module.