Sunday, August 29, 2010

New (Old) Red Box Character Sheets (Yeah, I know it's 4E)

Looks like some retro character sheets have been prepared to go along with the launch of the new (old) Red Box.

Yes, I know 4e is heinous in every way but the character sheets and portraits are cool.


  1. Why are they retro, because they are that hideous gold color? Aside from that and the old art, I think they are very modern looking.

  2. I CAST "Play 4th. Edition!" I swore I would never play it, but I'm running 3 games a week, and having a blast! I'm looking forward to the Red Box!

  3. They must be re working the stat bonuses again look at Thia. The bonuses have been reorder 10 = +1, 12=+2, 14=+3, 16=+4, 18=+5 no penalty for an 8.

  4. Retro is in the eye of the beholder. I'm primarily focused on the art I suppose. I've seen some S&W character cards that aren't much different to be honest.

  5. Yery odd. I picked up the new red box on the weekend. They gave a +4 bonus for an 18 attribute, but the above character sheets give a +5.

    The artwork reminds me of late 1st edition, early second edition D&D artwork, which still qualifies as old-school, I suppose.

    Looks like art from the rules cyclopedia.