Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Otherworld Miniatures: Painted Gnolls and OW Announcement

I finally managed to paint my Otherworld Gnolls. WooHoo!

As you know, over the last year I've been working through the monsterous humanoids in the Otherworld range with specific reference to the descriptions in the definitive AD&D Monster Manual.

For gnolls, the description reads:

"There is a great resemblance between gnolls and hyenas. Gnolls have greenish gray skins, darker near the muzzle, with reddish gray to dull yellow mane. Eyes are dull black and nails are amber colored. Their armor is of horn, metal plates, and leather; like their fur capes and vests, it is shabby, and the latter are moth-eaten ond dingy, being brown, black or grayish pelts. Gnolls have short life spans - 35 years being average."

My interpretation from this is that 1) gnolls resemble hyenas, but 2) their colours are different than hyenas - particularly the greenish-grey skins (but with the exception of the yellow mane).

Now, this sucks because I really didn't feel that I could pull off a good green-grey skin colour. So I decided to comprimse to ensure the figures looked half-decent.

I went with a dark yellow for the skin colour (this was easier to paint, and connects more closely to the hyena motif), dark grey for the mouth, hands, and feet, and a dark reddish for the hair.

I have the gnoll chief half-done. I'll post him in the coming weeks, along with some more pig-faced orcs, if I can.

Click twice to embiggen:

Finally, Otherworld Miniatures have another voucher sale going on until the end of January 2011. Be sure to check it out and support a first rate business making old school miniatures!


  1. Great stuff! Otherworld miniatures are top of my list of things I want but can't afford. Fortunately Paizo's online store is now stocking Otherworld, so you can buy them without having to pay for shipping from the UK.

  2. If you do a large enough order, OW ships for free.

  3. I wish I had the time to paint my own minis.