Thursday, April 28, 2011

Help with RSS Feed

A site that shall remain nameless is poaching blog posts (mine and other blogs) without giving sufficient credit.

Can folks tell me how (and where) to adjust my RSS feed to stop this?



  1. You can set your RSS feed to just give a small portion of your post. Unfortunately, this sort of thing will happen a lot with the content scrapers for the ad scammers. I've seen my posts scraped whole-cloth. Not a lot I can do beyond reporting them to their ISP.

  2. That's what was happening, a kind reader tipped me off.

  3. A "stealth" way to do it I guess is to always build in links back to earlier content. That way if someone is reading your stuff elsewhere they will come back here.

    These ad scammers are worse than the spammers to be honest.

  4. Add a sentence into the middle of every post saying that "X site" is ripping you off.

    Go passive-aggressive on the bastards

  5. That would bring the bugger too much attention.

    I know what you are saying though.