Friday, September 21, 2012

Second breakfast and Elevenses

I want to know why people are celebrating Second Breakfast at 11. Isn't that Elevenses? Or is Elevenses more like a rough approximation? If so, wouldn't that push back luncheon, tea, dinner and supper?



  2. Sure, I've read that but it doesn't answer my question.

  3. No Yak is right. Second Breakfast should be 9:00-9:30am. It's:

    Breakfast 7am
    2nd breakfast 9am
    Elevensies 11 am
    Lunch 1pm
    Tea 4pm
    Dinner 6-7pm
    Supper 9-10pm
    Midnight Snack 12am

  4. I guess because the UK event was geared primarily towards introducing schoolchildren to The Hobbit, 11am was simply the best time of day for it. Given that "elevensies" is already a thing here and yet "second breakfast" is a Hobbit/Tolkien thing the two were conflated for convenience (and marketing purposes).

  5. I don't think he knows about Second Breakfast, Pip.

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