Saturday, June 29, 2013

Interesting Review

Here's an interesting take on 5th edition:

I like the D&D Mine trope, it's certainly better than D&D Next.


  1. "I couldn't be bothered to role-play when we played this game, therefore it is not a role-playing game."

  2. The difference between modern and old-school play seems to be improvisation and the GM's ability to react to, or integrate it into the game. What I define as improvisation is utilizing story elements in place of game-mechanics.

    It seems like the biggest complaint about modern editions is the emphasis in the rules, by players, and by GMs on the RAW game mechanics. These are spammed like console game controller buttons throughout play. Yeah, that's not role-playing. But the fault lies as much with the players and GM as it does with the rules.

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