Friday, November 30, 2012

Random Expedition Groups for BM

I'm drafting four sets on Acolytes of Orcus and Necromancers of Set for BM. These were done using the monster entires (and the odd personal tweak). I figured I would make them available when they are ready for anyone who doesn't want to do it themselves.

Also, I'd like to expand the random adventuring parties. Perhaps at roughly odd levels through level seven. If you have an old dead character, or just want to role one up, or name and role up a group, note it here or email me. I'll add this to the above as a single resource supplement for everybody.


  1. This sounds pretty useful, I'm looking forward to this :)

  2. Any news on this? Although I am currently not Refereeing Barrowmaze, this would still be useful for other adventures as well.