Sunday, September 27, 2009

Critical Fumble Chart

Here's our critical fumble chart. I surveyed those available online, made tweaks, and added our own thoughts. Originally, the chart used a d12 but there was some redundancy and so we edited down to a d8. Any discrepancy with the chart as it relates to gameplay is subject to the DMs discretion.


  1. It's becoming increasingly clear to me that the critical hit/fumble charts I grew up with, where "critical hit friend" is a common result and 00 on a critical hit is instant decapitation, is not the common way of handling those things.

  2. I had the greatest Crit/Fumble charts. made the mistake of letting my daughter use more charts now I need replacements. The older great charts are almost impossible to find. I like this little one though gives the DM lots of room for interpretation.