Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hireling Miniatures: What Do You Use?

In our group, we face a quandry. We really like to use minis, but we prefer older rulesets (1E and LL). In many cases, DDMs don't provide an aesthetic that matches the look of traditional D&D. For us, the aesthetic of minis is just as important as the aesthetic of a module.

Back in the day, I painted more than a few Citadel miniatures (which I still think are the best sculpts around). I know that painting minis can be quite rewarding. We just don't have the time.

So we must sift through the DDMs for acceptable options - but we pick and choose.

When it comes to miniatures for hirelings there aren't a ton of options. I'm sure, if you use DDMs that you already have these scoped out.

I'm curious, if you use minis (metal or plastic), what do you use?




Deluxe Men-At-Arms:


  1. After a long search, I broke down and got the old Grenadier set of minis for hirelings. Supposedly, MegaMiniatures and/or Otherworld Miniatures may have some hirelings in the near future. MegaMinis does have a villagers set which could be used for the non-merc types of hirelings.

  2. I know the Grenadier minis you are talking about, they are actually a cool looking set.

    Some of the MegaMinis and Otherworld stuff look good too.

  3. Can you tell me what the names of Goblin minis are so I can find some on EBay? Thanks!