Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Miniatures from MegaMinis

I ordered a few miniatures from MegaMinis and they arrived in the mail today.

I've looked through their catalogues several times, and wanted to order a few as a trial to see the quality. I ordered the following (from Left ot Right):

Bard Playing Lute
Thief with Lantern
Dungeon Raider
Monk swinging Staff
Priest with Mace Raised
Male Cleric with Mace

Overall, I am very impressed with these miniatures. The aesthetic is perfect for old school gaming. The quality and detail is excellent and the packaging was first-rate. John worked with me on shipping too (I'm in Ontario). Customer service and communication was awesome.

I highly recommend MegaMinis, and do so without reservation.


  1. Thanks for the review.

    I have been looking at Megaminis for some time, impressed with the "old-school" look of those minis.

    I presume many of them actually are old school!

    Along with the Otherworld Miniatures, I have this miniatures line "on my list"

  2. I'm not sure I like all the MegaMinis but, I have to say they are the only place I can think of that has orangutans. Actually, they have quite a few aninmals.

    As far as being old school, I guess some of them are. Since, Some of them seem to be some of the old Grenadier Models.

    Of course the price of them miniatures is pretty good too. You can't dismiss that at all.

  3. Yes, sone are from the grenadier line, which is great.

    I wish a company would remake some of the early citadel miniatures, I think those are magic.

    YOu do have to remove some burrs from the minis, but give the price I'm cool with that.

  4. Which set was the Dungeon-raider from? Looks like an excellent figure for an npc lantern-bearer, I cn't find it in my search of the megaminis catalogs

  5. He's in the Grenadier catalogue I believe. An old Guthrie (?) sculpt.

    You must have read my mind as I was trolling for hireling miniatures. I think the lantern bearer was good. Take a good long look at "Thief with Lantern" that one will be up your alley too. I ordered the bard because I recently re-re-re-watched Quest for the Holy Grail and I thought it would be funny to have a hireling muse accompany the party.

    Let me know if you find it/them or not. Another option would be to check ebay for those keywords.

  6. My son was just introduced to The Holy Grail, as we watched it as a family two weeks ago.

    You'll need to get a drummer, a flutist, a tamborine player and so on, for your travelling entertainment caravan, plus some jugglers and fire-eaters ... okay, i'm getting a brainstorm for a convention one-shot ...