Wednesday, November 18, 2009

After Action Report: The Secret Sewers of Tsathoggua

On Saturday, we continued our Labyrinth Lord game. If you missed the last report, we play LL but with house rules (including mini-lite rules).

We've played two short adventures to work out the kinks before continuing with a larger campaign I have in mind.

The last adventure (a short first level dungeon) resulted in the death of 3 PCs, 1 Hireling, 6 Men-at-Arms, and 1 Henchman. Only three of the initial group of PCs survived and none advanced to second level: Mazzrik the Magician (Hu/Mu), Reiden the Fighter (HU/F), and Elwen of Riverwood (Elf). Yacky the Lacky and his two goblin slaves Yurk and Gak also survived.

To these three we added Sir Bannic of Torm (HU/C) as well as the following zero-level men-at-arms Durg Hillsmith (D/F), Wikelt the Vicious (Hu/F), Ulo Rotgut (Hu/F), Gaxx (Hu/F), Fenx (Hu/F), and Rallth the Thug (Torch-Bearer)

So a robust expedition consisting of 4 PCs, 5 men-at-arms, and 4 torch-bearers/porters.

The new adventure, I titled The Secret Sewers of Tsathoggua, had three parts: The aboveground ruins, the sewers, and the trog caverns. Here's the overview:

A band of troglodytes happened upon an ancient Rytonian shrine of the toad god Tsathoggua. Their shaman studied the ancient writings of the deity and began preaching Tsathoggua’s message of chaos and destruction. The shaman has called all manner of reptiles to defend the sewer.

Hidden at the end of the old long-ruined sewer network, the troglodytes recently defeated a group of adventurers and are confident in their new lair.

Never split, the umm, party...

A nest of Giant Centipedes disturbed

The party considers the descent

Giant Toads attack!

The battle rages!

Don't mess with a Giant Alligator

The adventurers find Lank the Archer near-death (a member of the party butchered by the Troglodtyes)

The group continues down the putrid sewers

A Shrieker and a Pod of Myconids

The battle continues and a Troglodyte guard investigates

Entering the Forgotten Temple of Tsathoggua; Elwen scouts ahead

Well-timed Sleep spells knock out many of the Trogs, the battle ensues

The Trogs kill all the Men-at-Arms!, Reiden dies!, Victory!!!

I'm hopeful that the next campaign report will detail the beginning of our larger campaign, rather than a series of short advantures. Thanks for reading!


  1. I love all the photos. Sounds like your group had a hard fight against some nasty critters!

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