Saturday, July 24, 2010

My Gencon Plans

I'm attending Gencon this year. I attended the convention in 2008 with my wife. We stayed on the outskirts of town and she dropped me off on the way to the outlet mall south of Indy.

Back in February I talked one of my old D&D friends from public school into coming. He didn't need his arm twisted but wouldn't have gone on his own. His wife is going so that gives my wife someone to chum around with. We are staying downtown this time.

This might sound strange but when I went in 2008 I didn't play any games. I played a couple demo games like Monsterapocolypse but that was it. Living in Southern Ontario we really don't have cool conventions to attend. So I used the opportunity to tool around the vendor booths, sift through old D&D stuff, and look for minis (and thus avoid paying duty). It was time well spent. I also really didn't have a feel for the enormity of it all. I certainly do now. I was also completely on my own and didn't know anyone to hang out or game with.

This time, I've registered for a bunch of games and will DM a Labyrinth Lord game myself.

As you can tell from the blog, I'm a straight-up medieval fantasy D&D gamer. I don't want to use my limited gaming time playing other games. Just gimme some dice, D&D, and stand back while I crush skulls. I decided to broaden my horizons this year and play some different games. On Thursday we are playing Colonial Battlefleet: Klingon Border, and attending a Hirst Arts Seminar. I'm hopeful to pick up some tips. Friday we will be at the OSR Discussion in the morning, Reich of the Dead in the afternoon, and play my D&D adventure in the evening. Saturday it's on to Beginner mini painting, Gladiators, and Wings of War. We will return on Sunday.

So, all in all, a much busier schedule than last time. If you are attending let me know, I'd like to hang out with fellow blog-o-sphere-ians. :)

I intend to have fun as I may not be returning until my children are much older and can come along.

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  1. Hope you have a blast! I can't go this year due to work, but I've been a few times in the past and loved every minute of it!