Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Hirst Arts Dungeon (in Progress)

Inspired by the posts on Grognardia, A Paladin in Citadel, and others, I decided to purchase some Hirst Arts Flagstone molds and have a go at creating some dungeon pieces.

My intent here is not to create whole dungeons a-la Dwarven Forge. My idea is to keep the graph paper central to dungeon exploration but to "zoom-in" enough to construct 2-3 rooms at a time with the dungeon pieces.

At first I created a small dungeon with the walls on the outside. That seemed like a good idea for two reasons: aesthetically the blocks look nicer on the outside and, with the blocks on the outside, you are afforded more space to create little alcoves etc without actually taking up your room space.

Anyway, here's a couple shots of the work-in-progress. I think I need one more big cast to create more single tile and double tile walls to make the set playable. Once I'm confident that I have the pieces I need I'll prep and paint.

Question: Do you use either Hirst Arts or Dwarven Forge pieces in your game? How has it worked out? So far I'm pretty happy with the result.


  1. Nice looking minis. I have some Dwarven Forge stuff but have found I don't use them as much as I'd like to due to transport, set up time etc.