Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Galixina (1980): Science Fantasy RPG Waiting-to-happen

Tonight I rewatched Galixina from 1980. Have any of you viewed this film?

It's heinous in every way, but it has charm.

I admit I really don't like all this science fantasy stuff going around at the moment. I think it could make for some interesting gaming but is just isn't my bag, baby. Just gimme straight-up medieval fantasy D&D. I'm a prude, sue me.

Despite my own personal feelings, I'm kind of surprized that those interested in science fantasy haven't pillaged this film for coolness.

The intergalactic police, the android Galixina, Ordric from Mordric, the list can go on - so I will.

I dig the Cult of Harley-David-Son and the cleric who exclaims, "Harley-David-Son, Our Lord and Master, Please protect Us, Arruuum! Arruum!" or who can forget "THE BLUE STAR. AHHH-AHHH!" The what? "The BLUE STAR" AHHH-AHHH! LOL Definitely a minor artifact.

Full of bad acting, hokey religions, and good blasters, Galixina (played by Playmate Dorothy Stratten) deserves a look for those doing Science Fantasy gaming.