Thursday, September 2, 2010

Miniatures: OW and GW Undead II and PCs

Here are some additional undead and PCs.

I painted up a set of old GW armoured skeletons. Some weeks ago a commentor asked for a comparative shot with an Otherworld skeleton and here it is (sorry it took so long, life has been kicking us in the butt lately). I would say the size is relatively the same. My only fault with the OW skeletons is that they are a wee bit thin. Great for the display case but one would have to be careful if you gamed with them. I also included two Citadel knights and an old Ral Partha cleric I picked up at Gencon. Damn I love that RP miniature. I ordered that one specifically after I noticed it on The Chainmail Bikini blog. These are painted in generic fashion to fit whatever the players want.

Stay tuned over the weekend as I post my first complete Hirst Arts Dungeon! I'm pretty excited to show you the fruits of my labour.


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