Monday, December 13, 2010

Adventure Poll: Northern Reaches MEGA Session

I'm planning a full-day classic D&D session between Christmas and New Year's Eve! Woot!

I'm pretty excited about it! I haven't played a day session like this in a long time. This is a busy time of year so I want to get a head start preparing the adventure, etc. We look to have a good group of players.

If you've read the rumours section of the Red Box Niagara site, I've dropped hints for both B1 In Search of the Unknown and B2 The Keep on the Borderlands.

I know it's a tough call, but please vote and let your voice be heard. I have a particular leaning, but no decisions have been made. I want your input.

Also, have you ran a full day session recently? How did it go and what suggestions do you have to make it a fun day?

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