Sunday, December 26, 2010

More Painted Citadel Miniatures

I painted a few more citadel miniatures prior to Christmas.

I love the Bretonnian peasants, they're perfect for poorly equipped villagers (or whomever), down on their luck, who turned to working as men-at-arms as a last resort.

Alongside these I have a Bretonnian knight I bought in about 1986-1988ish that I just repainted. He turned out a little quirky, but that's ok. Sometimes I have a vision for a particular mini and sometimes I don't.

I really like the pose of the last mini, a Norman inspired knight in a creeping-along-the-dungeon position.


You can click twice to embiggen


  1. You've done a really nice job of basing them!

  2. Are you fashioning your own bases or buying these. Nice job on the paint!

  3. These bases are the "Dungeon Stone" bases from Back2basix on ebay. Cheers.

  4. I've ended up grabbing some scupley and making my own. At $12/block, I probably can make a few hundred - just more of making a good one, casting a stamp from it, then rinse/repeat. I'm getting there... and half the fun is experimenting.