Thursday, February 17, 2011

MA Paper on Nostalgia and the OSR

I wanted to let people know about an announcement.

First, let me personalize it with a wee bit of background.

I recently worked together with a graduate student, Darren Crouse, to complete his Master of Arts in Popular Culture.

Darren and I hit it off immediately (that's really important, as those of you in grad studies can attest). Darren was an ol'AD&Der like myself and had been removed from the game for 20 years. After a little arm-twisting (sarcasm), he wrote his Major Research Paper (MRP) on an aspect of my currrent research on nostalgia and table-top games.

Darren specifically focused on a textual and pictorial analysis of Expeditious Retreat Press' Advanced Adventures module series, and examined the construction of nostalgia in the front and back cover art.

Darren has graciously offered to make his paper available for free to the OSR community. Please keep in mind that this is his first kick at the can.

Joseph Browning has offered to host the download. You can read his announcement here. I also want to say thank you to Joseph for his willingness to take part in the study.

Well done Darren! Huzzah!

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