Monday, February 7, 2011

Otherworld Miniatures: Carcass Scavenger

Here's my attempt at an Otherworld Carcass Scavenger, this is the Labyrinth Lord version of a carrion crawler.

Based on an a great set of painting related posts by Sean over at Tales from the Flaming Faggot, I bought some reaper paints to have at this miniature.

My initial thought was to have a dead skin look to this baddie. So I used the 3 dead skin/ghoul skin paints in a medium tone, wash the dark tone, and highlight with the lightest. The mini didn't look very warm at the finish-up. So I had to wash it with the GW Thrakka Green and then dry brush again with the light dead skin colour.

This was my first attempt at blending on the tentacles and my first attempt at sculpting a base with green stuff (thus the finger prints lol. Sculpting suggestions to improve greatly appreciated).



  1. Nicely done! If you're going to make bases though, I'd advise using sculpey. You can make a lot more for cheaper, and you can made a "press" or "stamp" to make many instead of just one at a time w/Green Stuff.

  2. It looks great! The finger prints just add texture.

  3. Looks great! The Thraka Green wash was a good idea, and I really like the eyes.

    You can avoid fingerprints by dipping your fingers in water before working with the greenstuff. You can also use a wet finger to smooth over any fingerprints.

  4. Nice paint job on the fig! I REALLY must get back to painting my minis.

  5. I used water throughout, but obviously not enough :)

    I'm going to go with surgical gloves next time.

  6. It looks so cool, I wouldn't mind getting killed by it in one of our sessions. good job.