Thursday, March 24, 2011

Any Expert Resin Casters Out There?

I'm trying my hand at resin casting (one part mold) with only partial success.

I need the wisdom of someone who's been around the block a couple/few times.

If you can offer a hand leave a note in the comments or drop me a note at kilted dot yaksman at yahoo dot ca



  1. The best resource I know for this sort of thing are the fine people over on the Hirst Arts forums:

  2. Sorry, no resin, just dental grade plasters.

    HirstArts might be of some help ->

    If not, I'm sure you could find someone with knowledge on the subject on the Reaper Minis boards ->

    - Ark

  3. Thanks guys. I've already been :)

  4. I am taking a sculpture class at university and our class is doing various types of wax,plaster, and resin mold making. Although I am far from an expert my professor is. I would be happy to pass along any questions to him and any answers or advice back to you.

  5. These guys are in Toronto:

  6. Yeah, I don't want to pay shipping though lol They are the smooth-on distributors in Canada