Saturday, March 12, 2011

New LL Spell: Vitharia's Vengeful Visage

Here's a new magic-user spell from our Northern Reaches game crafted by Alex (the player of Vith) and myself. The idea for spell originated from a late-night attack by street thugs in Threshold that left the elven wizard with a terrible facial wound.

Vitharia's Vengeful Visage
Level: 2
Duration: See below
Range: 0

This spell functions as a lesser version of the 4th level magic-user spell Fear.

This spell creates an illusion that deforms the face of the caster (or accentuates an existing deformity) and inspires terror in living creatures within an invisible cone (5' wide origin, 20' long, and 15' diameter at the terminal end). Those who behold the Vengeful Visage panic and flee in fear of the caster if they fail a saving throw versus spells. Victims flee from the caster as fast as their movement rate allows, for a number of rounds equal to half the caster's level (rounded up). This spell has no effect on blind creatures or creatures of 4 or greater hit dice.

Feel free to critique and comment.


  1. I think your spell is much more flavourful and fun than the standard fear spell. I like the name, too. Nice work.

  2. I just came up with the general idea, Greg did all the fine tuning. I think the whole thing turned out well.