Friday, October 14, 2011

That this needed to be said...

That Monte Cook felt the need to write this column is a reflection of how far off the beaten path the game has gone.

On the plus side, I like the cartoony art rather than the High Fantasy realism of the 4E PHB (aesthetically, anything is an improvement).


  1. Also, you don't need literal roller disco Pokemon power surges to help your fellow party members. Yes, standing with your armor and hit points and taking damage is part of the helping.

    The issue he's hedging on - just like he's skirted tough choices in his previous columns - is whether to continue down the path of class un-differentiation a la 4E, or tighten back up and have the four basic class types reflect different play and action styles.

  2. Sure, I'll very very interested to know whether starting characters will be microwaved to (basically) fourth level or whether they start out as humble adventurers.