Friday, December 9, 2011

Hirst Arts: Custom Pieces

I've been pecking away at some unique pieces for my Hirst Arts Dungeon.

I'll spare you a narrative and just put a few notes below where appropriate.

I wanted a few floor pieces with sewer grates and trapdoors for the odd situation that might come up. These were custom done using some tiles from Megaminiatures (please support them). These were slightly less than one inch HA tiles, so it took some fine dremel work to fit them in. I made the prototypes and then poured a mold.

To break the monotony of simple walls, I created some pillared and decorative walls. These have different styles on both sides.

I may re-make all my doors without arches for easier gaming (and less sanding). This is a test piece.

To provide some floor variation, I created four 3x3 pieces that can be turned to create different 30x30 room patterns.

This is a one piece floor. The previous pieces can be added to extend the pattern.

Here are two kinds of columns that can be used for a variety of purposes.

Finally, here's a pick of all the new pieces in action.

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  1. Great looking variations on the hirst tiles! This dungeon is coming along nicely.

    Do you find that the walls are too tall for play though? I sometimes see complaints about that sort of thing with home made dungeons/hulks.

  2. Those look great. I love the decorative wall pieces.

  3. If you have short gamers at a tall table, then yes the build can be too high.

    On the other hand, it "encloses" the space and gives it a more claustrophobic dungeon vibe.

  4. The atmosphere is fantastic, I loved much the result of these parts. Congratulations on this great work. A greeting from Spain.

  5. Between your tiles and your minis, I'm seriously jealous of your players. Really great work.