Monday, December 19, 2011

Hirst Arts Double Doors

One thing has always bugged me about the Hirst Arts fieldstone molds - they only have single doors. Now, the doors across all the HA molds are quite good. However, the mundane sameness of single doors really started to bug me after awhile. So, I decided to make some from scratch.

I miked a two square arch and then cut a piece of hardboard to size and then cut that in half (this is the same hardboard I use under all my HA pieces). I then bought some wooden stir sticks from the dollar store and glued them on, and cut off the extra. I added some cross beams and some on the bottom to serve as a base. The stir sticks give them a natural look of wood. I made a mold of the mock-up and then poured them in excalibur plaster yesterday. I should have used resin plastic but didn't have any handy (and I'm impatient like that). So here are some pics of the final product. Still need a bit of sanding here and there, but not much. I'll post some painted pics (probably after Christmas).

(As a complete aside, I'm playing in my fantasy football championship this weekend coming up. $500 bucks on the line. Just thought I'd share.)

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  1. Nice job on the doors. It looks like they fit in a regular Hirst Arts doorway?