Friday, October 12, 2012


“You are about to embark upon a grand megadungeon under which I have striven these many months. The eyes of the realm are upon you…I have full confidence in your capacity to pilfer loot, your devotion to XP, and your capacity to flee ravenous monsters.”

That’s right folks – Barrowmaze II has shipped for all those living in the US. The packages will be coming USPS. I have personally packed and shipped each box (with an assist from Dan Proctor). Canadian and international orders will be posted this coming week.


  1. If you havn't shipped the Canadian orders, is there still time to get a copy of Barrowmaze One?

  2. Sorry man, all my copies on hand have been accounted for. If you got me a couple weeks

  3. AWESOME!!!!! Cant wait. I am starting a new group here in Portland tomorrow. Maybe I will sick the Barrowmaze on them but I dont want to scare them off too soon .

    I was giving a look at the pdf of the Barrowmaze II. I think the use of Dekeon from the old D&D cartoon is very cool addition and very nolstalgic for me. I am also thinking about how the Barrowmaze can be set in an Egyptian themed/wasteland setting instead of the marshes. It lends itself to an ancient culture that once revered and honored their dead.

  4. Dang! :D

    Well, looking forward to BMII, i'll have to be a little more on the ball next time.

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