Monday, October 8, 2012

More WotC Reprints

Looks like 2E is getting a dust off (not huge on it) as well as the S series and A series module compilations as hardbacks.


  1. Where is the love for 'classic' D&D?

  2. Of all the versions to reprint why, oh why, 2nd Edition? Instead of reprinting something of historical significance and widespread appeal, like OD&D, Holmes Basic, or Moldvay B/X, they choose to reprint books that are only slightly different than the 1st edition reprints they've already done, that play no significant role in the history of the game, and that are still cheaply available to anyone who wants to buy them used.

    1. 2E, specifically the Al-Qadim setting, played a significant role in my high school gaming, but I agree with Sean. WotC's move to reprint 2E is lost on me. Well, most of WotC's decisions are lost on me.

      Eric Tenkar touches on their thought process. They've "eliminated" 4E and have yet to release 5E. What better way to generate profits then to sell product they do not have to create?

    2. Course, we all know they are just bumping sales to get to 5e.

      Perhaps it's to put a stake in the ground.

  3. Ha! Your comment conjured the image of WotC suits slamming their purchased IP on the table and yelling, "Here's your damn D&D! Now give our new one a shot!"

    Followed by a meager, "Please?"

  4. Eh... Now, if they'd reprinted compilations of the U or UK series of modules, I'd be opening my wallet.

  5. In full disclosure I posted this over at Tenkar's as well....please don't hate the cross posting :)

    I am going to go on record again as asking why buy the reprints when all of the stuff being reprinted can be found in the secondary market for prices that will most likely be lower than the cost of the reprint. Removing the Gygax Memorial Fund benefit there is none.

    The only result I have seen from the 1e reprints is that the prices charged in the after market for the older printings have actually gone up. Now that they see people paying so much for the "new old stuff" the vintage is worth more right?

    If they want to reprint truly hard to find items from Wee Warriors and the RPGA modules that would be one thing. Printing easily obtainable items does nothing more than line the pockets WotC/Hasbro and may even bring in to play a right for them to call for a cease and desist for the retro clones.

  6. They are doing what will make them money and keep them over until 5e starts to produce $.

    That's it. There's a very thin slice of goodwill there. But 2e is really blah.

  7. They have a new adventure for the slave lords stuff.