Monday, October 25, 2010

Northern Reaches: Session 2

The second session began with the same cast of characters. They include:

PCs: Vith (El/MU 1), Sweargen (Hu/F 1), Binford (Hu/Cl 1)

Men at Arms: Hillgax, Balson, Colmar, Corgax, Murgar (Dw)

Wardogs: Cerberus, Fenrir

Torch-bearers/Porters: Margrim and Untag

Shameless plug: The hirelings were generated using Meatshields!

This was a slightly shorter session than the first, primarily due to me getting a cold the day before the game. In the first session, the party entered the ruined monastery of the Iron God. The explored a portion of the first level and encountered a large group of goblins. Despite being surrounded and having 3 party members reduced to zero hit points a few bumps in the road, they managed to escape without any casualties.

Instead of wandering aimlessly with no apparent rationale The party began the second session by rethinking their strategy and backtracking to a door they previously left unexplored. They found a dusty room with circle marks on the floor and Binford unwittingly stepped into the center. He entered a trance and received a vision from the Iron God who told him he destroyed his own religious shrine due to the avarice of his own monks. He placed Binford under a Geas to clear the complex of evil. Binford converted to the worship of the Iron God.

The party found a secret door and then another room with a single door. Behind the door was a horde of skeletal undead! The wardogs fled immediately. The PCs wisely did not enter the room but rather closed the door and waited for the skeletons to come to them. After hacking down the door, a lengthy battle ensued with Colmar being reduced to zero hit points. He made his save vs death and revived to 1 HP several rounds later.

Skeletons Behind Door Number 1:

So Turning Didn't Work, Now What?:

In the skeleton room the party found a secret door to a treasure room containing 3 chests filled with silver coins! Each of the characters loaded up with as much as they could carry and decided to high-tail it back to Threshold. They also found some tapestries and carpets of value and hid everything in the treasure room so they could return later with a mule. The party spent a fair bit of time (2 days to Threshold and two days back) moving the valuables back to town. In this session 6 days of game-time passed (for a total of 12 total days).

With one exception, the party didn't run into any random monsters. However, on one trip back to the dungeon the treasure-seekers ran to 2 zombies! The dice represent containers of oil thrown by the party.


Overall this was a fun session considering how crappy I felt. The guys are still experimenting with the flaming oil. They know there's excellent damage to be had but haven't quite figured out how to best use it in combat. The same thing goes for vials of holy water.

We're planning another session for this Thursday.

Totals to Date:
PCs Killed: 0
Hirelings Killed: 0
PCs/Hirelings Reduced to Zero HP: 4 (3 in 1st Session)
Goblins Put to the Sword: 13
Skeletons Destroyed: 10
Zombies Destroyed: 2
Plundered Goods: 1645 gps of value
TPKs: 0

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  1. That's a solid session re-cap. I'm glad that the PCs and their plucky hirelings are hanging in there. Go, team!