Saturday, October 23, 2010

OW Pig-Faced Orcs, Ogres, and Bugbears, Oh My!

As you know I've been tackling my Otherworld miniatures with reference to the AD&D Monster Manual. The backdrop is my Hirst Arts dungeon.

As a point of reference I've included the description information from the MM. You be the judge. You should be able to click twice to embiggen the images.

Orc: “Orcs appear particularly disgusting because their coloration – brown or brownish green with a bluish sheen – highlights their pinkish snouts and ears. Their bristly hair is dark brown or black, sometimes with tan patches. Even their armor tends to be unattractive – dirty and often a bit rusty. Orcs favor unpleasant colors in general. Their garments are tribal colors, as are shield devices or trim. Typical colors are blood red, rust red, mustard yellow, yellow green, moss green, greenish purple, and blackish brown.”

*Bonus points if you can name where the shield device comes from in the above image :)

Ogre: "The hide of ogres varies from dull blackish-brown to dead yellow. Rare specimens are a sickly violet in color. Their warty bumps are often of different color - or at least darker than their hides. Hair is blackish-blue to dull dark green. Eyes are purple with while pupils. Teeth are black or orange as are talons. Ogres wear any sort of skins or furs. They care for their arms and armor reasonably well."

*In terms of the ogres, I deviated on the eyes. I went the reverse with white eyes and purple pupils. The talons I kept grey. With the bugbears I went white eyes with red pupils (see below).

Troll: "Troll hide is a nauseating moss gree, mottled green and gray, or putrid gray. The writhing hair-like growth upon a troll's head is greenish black or iron gray. The eyes of a troll are dull black."

Bugbear: “The skin of bugbears is light yellow to yellow brown – typically dull yellow. Their hair ranges in color from lusterless tannish brown to brick red. Their eyes are greenish white with red pupils. The odds and ends of armor they wear, as well as whatever cloth, skins, or hides they drape themselves in, tends to be ill-kept, dirty, and dingy.”

*Similar to the ogres, I deviated on the bugbear eyes. I went with white eyes and red pupils.

*Haven't finished the bugbear chief yet.

Comments welcome. I'll have the second session recap up shortly for the Northern Reaches campaign as well.


  1. Gorgeous paint job.

    You might be interested - although I fear there will be a scale clash - in the fact that Minifigs has relaunched its classic fantasy minis range with a re-release of its own Pig-Faced Orks (

  2. Wow. Very nicely painted.

    I've long been drooling over the Otherworld miniatures line, but haven't broken down and bought any yet - but the idol from the Player's Handbook cover calls to me.

  3. Wow! Those minis are very nicely done!

  4. Brilliant sculpts, great paint jobs. :)

  5. D&D Cartoon for the orc shields? It's a bit hard to make out, but it does look familiar...

  6. Some great old school goodness there. I have a ton of the Otherworld minis but am so far behind the paint ball I wonder if I'll ever catch up.

  7. Great paints! Excellent work! Thanks for the post. Very inspiring.