Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dwarven Forge

I'm curious how many of you own, or play in a game with, the Dwarven Forge terrain?

As you know I've been using my Hirst Arts fieldstone dungeon. I'm happy with it, but I'm finding the production process more of a labour than a labour of love.

So, if you are familiar with the Master Maze or Caverns sets can you tell me about the quality of the pieces? Do they chip easily? Obviously they look great, but I'm interested in the durability.

Also, what sort of financial commitment is there for a decent set? 1000 bucks or more?


  1. Ya, I found that the trick to Hirst Arts is to create your own molds to speed up the production process. I'm working on my floor and wall masters right now, so I can mass-produce basic pieces that can be customized.

    No experience with Dwarven Forge. I check out their offerings from time to time, but I prefer the flexibility that HA gives me.

  2. I've done the same thing, but to get them to look decent takes time and care.

  3. Air bubbles are the worst. I fill them with a little polyfilla.

  4. Greg, also check out

    I don't personally know the quality, but I've heard good things.

  5. Mmmm.... I've owned several sets for years. No chips. They are heavy. If you aren't playing at your house, forget it. They are expensive. The $1000 mark to have a decent dungeon doesn't sound wrong. They are nice looking. They do add some feeling/depth to the miniature use. I enjoy them but rarely use them because you need set up time and then wind down time to put up and put them away. If I was running regularly I might break them out for superdungeons or something.

  6. I've got a few sets, but like others have said, if you don't play at your house;the transport, set up, take down time is an issue. Unfortunately mine usually just sit in a box in a closet. BUT when I have been able to use them SWEET!

  7. I own 4 sets (caverns, ruins of the ancients, walls and passages and a rooms set).

    Shipping them to Canada was horrendously expensive.
    They are heavy.
    They have a large foot print - 10 foot corridors are the norm.

    They come packed in a custom made styrofoam box that makes storing them easy - provided you have room.
    They are tough - I have dropped pieces with no damage.
    They look really cool.

    I don't regret buying them, but I won't buy any more.