Thursday, August 11, 2011


I'm a bit pissed off that I can't make the OSRcon held in Toronto this weekend.

I'm in very close driving distance, which makes it worse.

The date for the con came out too late for me, as I had already made holiday plans to the Carribean on Friday.

It just sucks donkey-balls. I'll also be away from the Conan premiere.

Why the hell does cool shit happen during the only holiday sans-kids that I've had in five years?

It's a cruel fucking world at times :)

I hope everyone has a great time at the con, and I hope the date next year is picked early enough that I can work around it and attend. I hope it's a great success this year.


  1. It's already picked man, check their blog: 10th and 11th aug 2012. Early enough for ya? :)

  2. Are you really complaining that you can't go to a gaming con cause your going to the Caribbean instead?

  3. So, my sympathy evaporated when I read "holiday sans-kids". Lucky bastard. :)