Saturday, August 6, 2011

I'm Selling some Hirst Arts Molds. Interested?

I'm selling five Hirst Arts molds.

This isn't a fire-sale, so make me a solid offer I can't refuse :)

I just thought I'd try to sell them here first prior to going to Evilbay.

These were bought by me from Bruce Hirst at GenCon last year.

The molds include:

Water Cavern Wall Mold #82($34 from website)
Cavern Floor Mold #281 ($29 from website)
Cavern Floor Accessories #282 ($29 from website)
Fieldstone Accessories Mold #71($34 from website)
Fieldstone Octagon Mold #77 ($34 from website)

Buying from the HA website would cost you $160.

I'd prefer to sell them as a group, but I'm open.

You'd pay shipping. I recycle packaging whenever possible. I'm not responsible after it goes in the mail.

These are in like-new condition. Paypal only.

kilted dot yaksman at yahoo dot ca


  1. Well, I'm only interested in the octagonal mold... $20+shipping?

  2. I might be interested in the whole set -- can you give me a day to research the sets? I'll get back to you by Monday.

  3. Sure, i'd prefer to sell them as a group to save me hassle.

    Note: I'll be out of town for a week as of Thurs so be sure to get back to me before then

  4. this still for sale? or any of them if u have sold a few?