Thursday, April 26, 2012

Custom Dice for Barrowmaze II Indiegogo Campaign

Hi all,

I've created some unique custom dice as a perk for the Barrowmaze II Indiegogo Campaign.

The art was done by Zhu Bajie.

The die on the right is a Random Monster Die with the skeleton head in place of the number 1.

The die on the left is a Monster Initiative Die with the wraith and the word Barrowmaze in place of the number 6.

I'm throwing these in for all those who contribute at the level of Crypt Knight or higher. Please consider pledging and pass the word.

Cheers. Greg


  1. These are awesome. Merry Christmas? ;P

  2. Truth be known I wanted dark yellow or amber - as the colour reoccurs throughout BM - but those are the breaks :)

  3. AWESOME!!! Looking forward to receiving them Great Idea I use a similar 6 sided die that has

    : ) : I : ( >: ( - smiley to angry faces on them that I use for Reaction Rolls (weather it be

    for an encounter, trying to get your hirelings to do something the dont want to do or haggling with a merchant) .
    You might think about using a similar die for the Barrowmaze- Perhaps a A skull that has smiling to grinning faces on them- just an idea

  4. Those are...fantastic! That is probably the coolest contributor perk I've ever seen.

  5. Very nice Greg, these look fantastic!

  6. Thanks guys. I'm pretty excited about it too.