Monday, April 16, 2012

T-Minus 2 Days to Indiegogo Launch

I've been busy drafting the Indiegogo campaign for Barrowmaze II.

I've taken the suggestions here to heart, and tried to incorporate them as best I can.

It's certainly nice and easy (logistically with the mail) if you live in the US. Being in Canada for this sort of thing creates all sorts of extra hassle, but these aren't insurmountable obstacles.

I've included shipping for Canada, the US, and the UK. If you are outside these countries, I'll still find a way to work out the postage.

I plan to submit it Wednesday. I don't know if the site takes time to vet the campaign or whether it just goes live. We'll see.

The campaign will run for about 50 days. If you have an interest in making Barrowmaze II happen, please be sure to spread the word.

I have some very cool surprises :)