Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Launched: Barrowmaze II on Indiegogo!!!

Hi everyone,

The campaign for Barrowmaze II just went live on Indiegogo.

Please go over and check it out! Secrets of the maze revealed!



  1. What's the possibility of a softcover?

    1. Hi Guy,

      I decided to not complicate anymore than necessary.

      I'd rather spend the time sorting out the logistics of the Perks. There's a lot of work there.

  2. Is the map as one separate digital file only available in the $65 pledge and above?

  3. Hi Brendan, at this time I anticipate two files, the blue and the b/w at that amount.

  4. Approximately what should we be expecting in terms of size? (Maybe in terms of words, areas, pages or similar.) About the same number of keyed areas as the first?

  5. One more question, will the printed poster maps and digital maps include the map from Barrowmaze 1? If not, might it be possible to add a full digital map of the Barrowmaze 1 parts to one of the supporter levels? It would be nice to have an integrated all in one map in addition to the three part one from the first book.