Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Barrowmaze II: 5 Days Remaining

There are just 5 days remaining in the campaign.

If you haven't checked out the campaign site, there's lots of extra stuff thrown in above and beyond the hardcopy of BMII.

There are custom dice, a custom dice bag, a custom crypt generator, a custom character sheet, extra levels, digital maps, and a poster map...and probably some other stuff I'm forgetting.

Oh yeah, how about not one, but two printed ToH-style illustration booklets - one for Barrowmaze II and another for Barrowmaze I!

I haven't even started talking about the art in the book yet. I'm still awaiting word from Jim Holloway too.

So, if you were sitting on the fence there's only 5 days left.

I've really emptied my bucket. It should be pretty awesome.


  1. Greg this is all fantastic and congrats on the excellent work and excellent product. My players are excited to hear that we will be doing the sequel whenever we get through the first part.

  2. I am so happy the TWO illustration books are a reality!

  3. In for the Barrowmazening since I don't have BM1 yet (sheepish grin). Looking foward to tons of TPKs with my group!