Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Recent Barrowmaze Session

First, I apologize for the dearth of posts lately. I'm spent between preparing BMII and playing. Plus my kids are hitting a wall as the end of the school year approaches, so I need to be on top of them pretty well 24/7. Also, becuase ipads/ blogger are a pain, I can't seem to insert spaces when Imake a blog post. So, we played BM last night. In the last session the part met the ghost of Sir Guy who implored them to seek the Fount of Law. This session eneded with them finding the Fount - making Alex the player of Cromwell, the lawful cleric of St. Ygg, a happy ecclesiastic. The session actually started with fireworks as Arnd Cobblestone the Dwarven cleric henchman was killed by a crabs (that shit's everywhere), as was Alson "Don't call me Alison" the man-at-arms. The party also had a random encounter on the way back and forth to BM with two 8HD Shambling Mounds - they bravely ran away, away. Those were the highlights. We need to get Alex on those session reports (free XP anyone?).


  1. Poor Arnd Cobblestone. Spoiler: The Delvers got him killed too. Wth?

    Maybe he will fair better in Sean's game. Although, Sean is totally going to make him human and give him a different name.

    Oh! Hi Sean =]

  2. Poor Arnd has not been seen in my game yet...although with 2 dwarves (fighter, cleric) out of the four PC's he will be welcomed I am sure.

  3. I recently bought BM1 in pdf. I liked it so much I ordered a print copy. The dungeon has just the right mix of features--undead of various and surprising types, weird tablets that do different things, thoughtful traps (not just "pit with spikes"), factions of evil dudes, mini-quests like the fount of law, as well as the quiet unsettling atmosphere. Somehow it all feels very balanced: just enough details to keep it interesting but not too much to make it overwhelming. Another thing I liked about it was that it wasn't wordy or over-described. Easy to read, and you gave me room to add my own touches. Pretty great! Overall, one of my favorite dungeons ever. Can't wait to see BM2.

    1. @Thomas

      Agreed with all your points.

      I also love the shared experience I get when I read other actual plays of Barrowmaze.

      It is definitely on par with other classics in that aspect (B2, S1, X1, etc). Being able to drop the module into a hex without much fuss, providing just what you need to run it, and so forth.

  4. Thanks! If you play it please let me know how you make out.

  5. session reports will be up tomorrow, ill see to it!