Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Reflections and other Random Thoughts

This is a bit of an ADD post, sorry. I'm kinda exhaling :)

Well, the BMII campaign came to a close on Indiegogo very early this morning.

Final tally: $12,702

Whew! It was a lot of fun, but also a lot of work. Make sure you know what you are in for if you decide to run a campaign.

It's also helpful to know your goal - mine was to make BMII bigger and better than BMI while offering cool exclusives to campaign supporters. We accomplished all that and more.

I really had to divide my time between the campaign and progress on the dungeon, so this now opens things up for me to concentrate exclusively on the dungeon design and getting the art going for the illustration booklets. Two booklets - that's not less than 24 half-page illustrations and 6 full page illustrations! That's crazy-awesome.

I'm going to get another G+ game going shortly, maybe Thursday or Friday night, so if you think you might be interested post in the comments.

BTW BMI is on the verge of a major milestone. Expect a post on that shortly ;)


  1. I'm still excited about the illustration books. I was crossing my fingers for one . . but two!
    That is so awesome.

    I am happy that your campaign was such a success.

    I watched your Barrowmaze G+ game the other day. It was entertaining.

    Did you pay half price for that "Mighty" 5 foot pole?

  2. Congrats on the success. Now get back to work.

  3. Congrats!

    I'm definitely looking forward to BM II :)

  4. I'm really excited for you Greg! I'm especially excited about the illustration booklets, those are really nice addons! Keep up the good work and congrats!

  5. Congratulations!

  6. Congratulations, Greg! Just out of curiosity, what makes an Indiegogo campaign so much work? I was under the naive impression that once it was up and running the hard part was over, aside from creating the contributor perks. But it sounds like you had a lot of work to do while the campaign was in progress.

  7. There is a great deal of forethought that goes into it before it even begins. Much can happen in the RPG scene in a 60 day period (Dwimmermount, 5e, rappan athuk, etc). You need to be able to weather all that. You need to be available to your email and the site during all your waking hours. You need to update related forums constantly. You need to have a good idea and to continue to back that idea up in ways that are meaningful. Yes, you can run a hands-off campaign, but I don't know any of those that have been successful. Most importantly, you need to have the same passion for the campaign as you do for the project itself - if you don't then just pack it in. There are a ton of campaigns out there on various websites, there are other places people could go to support their hobby. I think it's really important that individuals and smaller publishers cooperate and plug each other. There was a ton of cross-over from Raggi's campaign and mine - both being on indiegogo.

    In my opinion, it's way more work than writing a SSHRC or NSERC research grant, but a far more enjoyable experience.

  8. Thank you guys! I'm going to be going hard :)

  9. Wooo! Definitely excited. Also, I'd be interested in joining a G+ game - especially if it started next week instead of this week. :)

  10. "In my opinion, it's way more work than writing a SSHRC or NSERC research grant, but a far more enjoyable experience."

    More work than a grant application? The air of enthusiasm has left my body in a mournful groan...