Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Barrowmaze Last Night

I'll save the gory details for Alex's session report but I do want to note the hightlight of the night.

After a relatively uneventful delve into the southern crypts, the PCs returned to town to rest and rearm. On their way back through the swamp they were attacked by three Pteranodons!

The war dog Sir Barksalot was eaten in one bite and the pteranadon flew away content. The second one flew in low and bit Mazakala the Magic-User for 12 points of damage. His body was cut in half. The third hovered low to bite and after many hits fell to Sol's mighty Spear +1.

So proud of their kill they returned to town and had the pterrifying pteranodon stuffed by a ptaxidermist and set him up in The Brazen Strumpet with a pint of mead (and to help entertain the kids). Even the beleaguered gnomes running to and fro serving ale were bought a pint to celebrate. God less those hardy adventurers.

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