Tuesday, July 10, 2012


[please note that I'm making this post with my ipad and it hates blogger and screws up the formatting] I'm on a summer holiday with the wife for the next week. Regular blogging will resume when I return. Yes, I'll be taking a draft of BMII with me for revision and editing :) Here's a couple BMII tidbits to hold you over: I've decided to extend the numbering of the barrow mounds from BMI to BMII. So instead of 16 being the Barrowmoor (in BMI) it will now be a mound on its own and then there will be 35 additional barrow mounds in BMII, for a total of 50 mounds overall. Huzzah! Many of these have multiple rooms. I'll also have a new hex-map of the barrows so your players can hex-crawl through the mist before getting eaten by ravenous monsters. LOTS of interesting coolness including additional hidden points of entry for higher level characters, a new mound type, treasure, etc. I haven't seen a copy myself (yet) but rumour has it Jim Holloway is very pleased with his color painting for BMII. I can't wait for The Reveal! Have a great week.

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  1. Currently, I've just been rolling for random encounters based on time spent, rather than travel in the Barrowmoor. With an increase in barrows, the hex map sounds great.

    Enjoy your vacation!