Friday, August 17, 2012

Barrowmaze at Gencon

So today I hosted a session of Barrowmaze at Gencon. It was a really enjoyable game that featured players Matt, Mark, and Derik. I'll save a full report for when I can upload pictures. I can confirm that all the players survived (I know, I must have been off my game), but I did manage to reduce a couple to negative hit points (and they made their save or die rolls). They each walked away with a custom Barrowmaze Random Monster Die and I think we all had fun. Will post more on the game (and gencon generally, including my disappointment with the 5e playtest) when I return home.


  1. Greg - enjoyed the game Friday. Many thanks. 3 hours is simply not long enough to delve Barrowmaze! If only my turning luck had lasted...not repulsing those zombies was pretty much the beginning of the end. Poor hirelings.

  2. Hey Matt, it was great to meet and play with you as well!

    Yeah, the two cleric party is helpful :)