Monday, August 13, 2012

OSRcon: Reflections

As I mentioned previously, I attended OSR con with Alex, one of the peeps from the homegame.

We played in James' Dwimmermount session on Friday. I hosted a Barrowmaze game on Saturday morning. We listened to the panel discussion and then played in Ed Greenwood's game in the evening.

I'll take a moment to speak about each.

James' session: I'm going to keep it real here folks. I also want to say that I don't know Ken St. Andre and I've never played his game. Having said that, Ken was a total pain in the ass and pretty much ruined the session on his own. Too many tangents. Too much griping about the rules. I felt really bad for James. Then, after shanghiing the session, he buggered off with 20 minutes still left in the game. If it was my game I would have thrown him out. I don't give a fuck who he is. Don't be a dick to a DM running a large table of players.

Barrowmaze: The session was quite fun with four players each carrying one hireling. I also carried an NPC cleric. The first fatality was Brendan's cleric Stumpy who fell down a bottomless pit. The next was the elf Crow. I think Vinz Klortho also bit the dust. I didn't take pictures (I know!) but I was too busy with the game.

Ed Greenwood's Game: This was fun. Ed has a full bag of personalities, voices, and sound effects, that made things interesting. I have to admit, I've had more than a few chuckles to myself since then. The thought of me turning undead as the cleric Tashram, while looking Ed Greenwood in the eyes and saying "In the name of Tymora, I banish you unholy abomination!!!" makes me smile everytime. Well, that - and I rolled an 18 :) He was also very gracious and friendly. A real class act.

So, all in all, a great minicon experience. Very nicely done.

Now it's off to Gencon!


  1. How funny that you and James have differing accounts of Ken St. Andre. Perhaps he's holding back to as not insult a pioneer of the hobby, but I'm glad you're candid in your description.

  2. Ahhh, I misread. He said the session was memorable. How vague and ambiguous.

  3. >> Ken was a total pain in the ass and pretty much ruined the session on his own

    LOL, good for you for an honest description.

  4. Besides fracking up James' game, Ken also blabbered on and on at the panel with nothing really interesting to say. I honestly thing he is going a little senile...

  5. Entirely possible, also his agenda was pretty clear.

  6. Hey thanks for the game! I enjoyed it. (I played Crow, and later Vinz.)

  7. Wow, I've never seen a GM screen made of manila folders paperclipped together! Ed's pretty low-flash, eh? Sounds like a good time.

  8. I didn't realize that was you running the Barrowmaze game! Pity we didn't have a chance to chat. (I ran the Call of Cthulhu session.)

  9. One of the guys in my campaign plays a human fighter named Vince Clortho. Nice!