Friday, August 31, 2012

Barrowmaze II Update

Simul-posted from the Indiegogo site:

I hope everyone has had a great summer. I’ve posted short updates recently on Indiegogo and my blog, Discourse and Dragons, but also wanted to send an update on the various aspects of the Barrowmaze II project:

Dice: The dice are in hand (had to order more).
Maps: The maps are in hand. Final size: 26×30 inches in old school blue (BMI and II on the map).
Dice Bags: The dice bags are complete and in hand.
Illustration booklets: In press. Should have them by Wed.
BMI: I’m updating and revising BMI. This will include the new map and a bunch of new illustrations.
BMII: BMII is complete. Phew! It is 154 pages-ish and over 70,000 words. I’ve pulled themes from BMI into BMII that should be fun and keep some consistency to the experience. Be advised that some of the front-matter will be consistent between the two books, there’s just no getting around it. I don’t want to say anything else and spoil any surprises :)

I’m hopeful to tie some ends together this weekend, and get proofs in a couple weeks. If those are ok, I’ll put in the order. If I can send the pdfs ahead of the hard copies, I will. I’ll also make it available on RPGnow around the same time.

I have limited extras of everything, including the illustration booklets ($14), which, if I do say so myself, are fantastic. The dice bags are sold out though. The price on the dice will be increased from $3 to $4. I do have a special surprise for all those receiving dice as part of their package. It’s a first come, first served deal and, as I said, supplies are limited.

I am SO excited to see all the threads coming together. Thank you again for your continued support of this project. BTW if you know of anyone who wants in late to the campaign, have them get in touch with me.


  1. You have done a really impressive job of bucking the trend with Kickstarter projects. I am pleased and amazed to see you making such great progress.

  2. Will the revised BM 1 be available in hardback? Lulu?

  3. Yes, at RPGnow.

    I prefer RPGnow because LuLu hoses Canadians for shipping.

    1. Interesting. I didn't know rpgnow did print books.

  4. Scratch the ? mark, I dunno how that got in there lol

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