Wednesday, June 8, 2011

First Blush: DCC RPG

I haven't had a chance to read the Beta in full; however, I did want to say something quick about the DCC RPG.

The art is just WOW. What an all-star line-up.

Sure, we all have our favorite TSR artists but I was more excited about the new old school artists like Stefan Poag and Pete Mullen (among others) - great job guys!!!

Also, those wrap-arounds on the character pages are brilliant. I love those.

I can't say as I'll be playing it (simply not enough time in my life for another system), but I'm looking forward to having a closer look.

Have you checked it out? First impressions?


  1. First impressions? The art rocks and it seems to draw upon D&D, T&T and RM to an extent. Familiar yet not. I need time to digest it.

  2. A lot of pages. Great art. The first couple of pages were promising. I'm planning on giving it a good read this evening.

  3. I admit, the art is wonderful. I don't think anyone can complain about the art. As far as the system goes, though...

    I don't like the weird dice locked into the system, and having a lot of tables refer to them. I do not like that halflings don't get d20 for combat. I don't like that every spell is going to have to have notes on what special effects are attached to it from the master chart. I don't like that you can cast spells until you fail to cast them. I HATE making people start at 0 level, with multiple characters, with a collection of professions that have no meaning outside of hardlining people into racial classes. I'm not even particularly fond of the slogan.

    I mean, I've seen okay to good OSR games. This one just is rubbing me in all the wrong places. I think I'm going to stick with my newly acquired Elfquest for now.

  4. I agree. Poag's stuff is really fun, and Mullen's work in DCC impressed me even more than usual. I'm just getting started actually reading the text, but already pre-ordered the book.

  5. Settling in to read it tonight. Love what I see so far, especially the art (natch) and the magic system. Luck is also really keen.

  6. There's a lot I really like about it. I think the idea of starting with multiple 0-level characters and winnowing out the keepers is a really neat, Darwinian approach to character creation.

    On the down side, all the cool bells and whistles come with mechanics that I fear may slow the game down during play; this is a tough game to judge by reading it, and I think I'd actually have to play it to tell for sure.

  7. I ran three players with four zero levels each through some B3 last night, and we had a blast. The occupations for zero levels and the idea that they represent a real skill set was very fun. Looking forward to trying out the level one stuff, especially magic and spell dueling. The dice thing is not a problem even if (like us) you don't have the Zocchi set. Once you get the concept of d12+d6 as d24 it's pretty simple.

    Anyway, I don't think there's anything I'm not excited about in this system other than not having a full set of monsters and spells to run yet. It ran very smoothly at the table even with one novice player.

    Until I read it yesterday I was pretty neutral on the subject, but consider me a convert.

  8. Also, the level zero bit isn't core to thee system and would be easy to skip for people who don't like it.