Friday, June 3, 2011

First Level Near Completion

I've completed the details for the first "level" of my sprawling 450 room mega dungeon. It's more of an "area" of the dungeon than a "level" in the traditional sense. Everything has been randomly generated - although I have selected about 3-5 rooms for specific encounters etc. All tolled this works out to about 88 rooms. I created (what seems like) innumerable random charts in excel to determine room contents and details, above and beyond monsters and treasure. I prefer customized charts that reflect the specific nature of each dungeon I create. For example, I've used a variation of the Labyrinth Lord Stocking table, as I wanted a higher percentage of empty rooms.

I've pulled out all the tricks to highlight player choice - I can't speak in too much detail as my players read this :P

At this point, it's on to the narration while I also peck away at the next set of tables for Level/Area 2.

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