Sunday, June 19, 2011

Otherworld Miniatures: Rust Monsters

I've had some rust monsters sitting half-painted for months. Thank goodness those are off my plate.

As an aside, I think I mentioned before that I've accumulated a bunch of undead to paint this summer. I recently started on that project with Shadows (both OW and citadel) and now I'm on to the ghouls (again both OW and Citadel). If anyone has a good recipe for ghoul/zombie/vampire skin let me know.

Happy Father's Day!


  1. Awesome looking rust monster! I like the colour transition on the feelers.

    I've got a non-traditional colour scheme for ghouls that I've been using for Brine Ghouls

    (All colours except the washes are Reaper Paints).
    1. I started with a base coat of Pine Green mixed with a small amount of Sapphire Blue and Stormy Grey.
    2. Wash with Citadel Devlan Mud.
    3. Highlight with a mix of Pine Green, Sapphire Blue, and Cloudy Grey.
    4. Second highlight is a mix of Cloudy Grey and Pure Blue.
    5. Third highlight is a mix of Misty Grey and Pure Blue.
    6. Final, extreme highlight of Misty Grey mixed with a very small amount of Pure Blue.

  2. I ended up buying a couple of boxes of Warhammer Skeletons from the vampire line, because they were so customizable, and they are properly scaled, unlike most of their other figures.

    I love the look of the OWM undead, but they're very expensive. I did pick up the pig-faced orcs, and the lizardman sculpts are on my must-have list.

  3. I love rust monsters. They are just freaky looking. :)