Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Forbidden Maze of the Jennorak

After a month hiatus (for various life reasons among the group), Red Box Niagara is ready to resume on the 20th.

In our last session, we were playing a B/X edition of Goodman Games' Halls of the Minotaur. Given that it has been over a month, and that we had just started new characters, we decided to abandon those adventurers to their fate and start anew.

This works well because we are going to start the new large dungeon project I've been talking around for the last month or so :) and thinking about a lot longer than that.

I don't want to give anything away to player-readers but I'm dipping into D&D's past (and not being terribly original) by calling this dungeon The Forbidden Maze of the Jennorak. [EDIT: Burial Maze might be a better descriptor, we'll see]

Everything, I mean everthing, has been randomly generated and some results, are, well, unfortunate (from a PC point of view). But that's the hand fate has dealt.

I'll post more background detail after we get underway and you'll be able to read the session reports on the REd Box Niagara site not long thereafter.


  1. Your blogs are interesting and cool, Kilted. I'll be interested in what you come up with in the Mazes and Monsters theme. Good work.

  2. Thanks man.

    I should have a couple posts of interest this week.

  3. what's this misfortune from a player point of view? hmmm